I enable, educate, enage and empower women just like you, to reveal the queen within!

Hi, I'm Geri.

my mission is to empower women to exceptional health, wellness, balance and self discovery!


do you often wonder..."I would love a Health & wellness coach or i need
to make a change but where do i start?"

I got your back babe!

Together we will explore way of reaching the highest levels of your
creative potential to live a life of liberation and bliss!

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I'd love to learn more about you, to be that sounding board. Trust me, I've been there and I wished for someone to just listen. Well, I'm her and I'm here for you. Let's work together to improve your health, your confidence and take you from where you are to where you desire and deserve to be! Are you ready?

 Signature package Empower Me to Greatness

'Empower Me' to Greatness

This is where my signature program will take you from "just keeping shit together" to completely dominating with confidence in areas of health, fitness, mindset, motherhood and business.

The answers you seek are waiting within you! 

Maiden to Motherhood Holistic Service

"I provide you with a holistic service!"

My journey from 'Maiden to Motherhood' has not only taught me some of the greatest skills and lessons in life, but it has opened me to the opportunity to connect and enlightened women just like you all across the world. Decide today, to be the most fulfilled person you know!

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 Sandy Saraw Testimonial
I always thought my understanding and implementation of healthy nutrition was excellent, that was until I met Geri from Empowerme Wellness Coaching! Geri has a depth of knowledge which she is only too willing to share. Geri has an approachable and effective coaching style which can only result in a better you. Geri can identify where you can improve and then provide guidance so that you are on a path to success. Geri has a casual yet professional manner which is demonstrated through her supportive, nurturing and a persevering resolve to see you succeed. Nutrition and wellness are deeply ingrained in Geri and her passion and drive are what makes her a cut above the rest. Geri assesses your lifestyle, needs and abilities so you always know that a plan is tailored for you and your success. All I can say is just do it! Call her, let her show you what she can do to give you a life that is based on health and wellness.
— Sandy Saraw
I couldn’t recommend Gerianne and the team at Empower Me Wellness coaching highly enough. My personal experience with Gerianne has been nothing short of incredible. As a mentor myself I know how important it is to have mentors to assist in all aspects in life. I personally have seen so much personal growth since working with Gerianne and I’m so excited for what the future holds for me.

So whatever in life your going through and whatever barriers you need to overcome know that Gerianne has the most incredible tools to help you get through whatever you need too and most importantly she always has your back! I’m so incredibly blessed to have crossed paths with Gerianne and the team at Empower me Wellness, she has changed my life and I will be forever grateful.
— Mel Langley
 Mel Langley Testimonial